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Buildings of Worship in Ancient Art Cultures essays

Structures of Worship in Ancient Art Cultures papers Antiquated workmanship covers a wide range of societies, religions, and fine arts. The majority of what we think about the individuals of this timeframe originates from the investigations of the archeological remains, ancient rarities, and writing. From these examinations we can suspect that religion assumed a significant job in the social orders of this time. The structures of love in Ancient Egypt and Greece change from various perspectives while speaking to their societies lifestyle. In the Egyptian culture religion encapsulated each part of their life. The Egyptian confidence depended on a disorderly assortment of antiquated fantasies, nature, and various awesome creatures. Our content alludes to their strict practices as otherworldly. The most significant conviction the Egyptians rehearsed was preservation. The need to safeguard the body for eternal life was critical to them. Egyptian workmanship exhibits a sharp recognition of nature. Creatures alongside numerous different pictures of nature show up in all remaining parts of this culture. Creatures for the most part were images related with post-existence, the attributes of the divine beings, and the intensity of the ruler. The sanctuaries of the Egyptian culture are an astounding engineering accomplishment. They were made of stone, with the goal that they would keep going forever. The essential sanctuary was worked to look amazing in light of the fact that the Egyptians accepted they were the residences of th eir god. Each city assembled a sanctuary for their god. These sanctuaries were a spot for man to speak with the divine beings; be that as it may, just Pharaoh and the consecrated ministers were permitted within the sanctuary. To enter inside the sanctuary one must be demonstrated commendable and prepared to procure the higher information and experiences. After entering a sanctuary, in the wake of going through the sculptures of sphinxes and arch, is the yard. There are numerous rooms past the patio every more terrified than the one preceding. In the wake of strolling through another arch, you enter the hypostyle corridor. This corridor is made to look like a papyrus plant and the main... <!

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Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease Essay Example for Free

Conclusion of Periodontal Disease Essay Periodontal sickness is a malady that influences the gums which causes them not to clutch the teeth as close as is typical. The teeth are thusly withdrawn from the jawbone as it (Dr. Pohlhaus, 2008). It has been seen as liable for most of tooth loses among the grown-ups particularly on the off chance that it remains unchecked more than quite a long while. The infection as a rule assault the tooth through a fissure alluded to as sulcus that is found underneath the gum line. During the assault, the malady separates the connection of the tissues with the tooth and this outcome into a pocket whose profundity relies upon the seriousness of the assault. There are two principle classifications of the periodontal infections; the gum disease, which is a milder type of the periodontal illnesses and is typically reversible. The other class is the periodontists (http://www. ada. organization/open/subjects/periodontal_diseases. asp). The significant distinction between the two is that the last influences just the associating tissues and the bone while the previous influences the gum and the bones with no obstruction at all with the connective tissues. Periodontal malady is brought about by a bacterium called plaque which appends on the teeth surface. They produce a few poisons the influence both the gums and its supporting tissues. Whenever left for times of as long as two days, it solidifies into a substance called tartar which at that point causes disease and irritation of the gums, that is normally easy and can without much of a stretch go unnoticed (http://www. emedicinehealth. com/periodontal_gum_disease/page2_em. htm# Periodontal%20(Gum)%20Disease%20Causes). Techniques for Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease and their Impact During the finding of periodontal sickness, the certified specialists do take a gander at various boundaries and are guided by some straightforward essential advances: He/She first looks to know the clinical history of the patient in order to realize any present or past issues related with the malady or any basic contaminations that may be the contributing component to the ailment, and if the patient is under any prescriptions. The specialist may likewise select to ask about the general home dental consideration quality. The specialist at that point continues to the piece of physical assessment where he investigates the gum for any variations from the norm like redness and puffiness. This is then followed with intermittent screening and recording, in any case alluded to as PSR, which assists with finding out the seriousness of the disease after which the teeth development is watched. Any development shows loss of bone help. At long last, x-beams are completed in order to see the structure of the bone supporting the teeth. In the cutting edge times be that as it may, innovative advances has not abandoned the clinical experts. The improvements that have been knowledgeable about the dental radiography have been on ordinary radiography transmission that limits to the catch, upgrade, and examinations of pictures. This stands to address the blunders that were being dedicated by the individuals by their visual recognition. These advancements in this way help in the improvement of the determination, upgrade the treatment methodology just as smoothing out of the exchange, stockpiling and the recovery of data. They likewise help give reinforcement to the information of the patient in the event that any unexpected disaster like fire happens. Throughout the years, center has moved to the utilization of deduction radiography which assists with perceiving any slight contrasts as far as the densities and volumes of the bones over some stretch of time (Grondahl and Grondahl, 1983). This has been made conceivable because of the accessible computerized imaging innovation (Grondahl et al, 1983). When utilizing this innovation and for the outcomes not to show any distinctions in the enrollment, the projection geometries should be indistinguishable. Techniques have likewise been built up that target reproducing the pictures that do gangs subjective geometric projections into projection geometry of the reference picture (Dunn and Van der Stelt, 1992; Ruttimann et al, 1986; and Van der Stelt et al, 1989). Likewise, in hey report, they revealed that a few estimations of up to 16 mm interpretation blunders with 160 angulation’s mistakes. It along these lines looked encouraging for the production of significant picture sets to be utilized in the deductions radiology. Additionally, in 1986, Webber and Ohki et al (1988) got some answers concerning the utilization of programming based, in any case called â€Å"digital gamma correction†, as a restorative measure to the dim level picture conveyance which was a one significant hindrance of the deduction radiography. Further improvement in innovation helped make it conceivable to distinguish any adjustments in the thickness of the bones: utilizing an alignment wedge whose constriction properties are known, the thickness contrasts that are estimated are changed into estimation volumes contrasts. Either hydroxyapatite or aluminum is utilized for this situation because of the way that their radiation weakening emphatically thinks about to that of the bones in qualities. At the point when these anatomical variations from the norm and different subtleties as communicated on the radiographic pictures can be indicated scientifically, at that point one can undoubtedly build up the PC calculations which at that point will have the option to naturally decipher the radiographs (Ruttimann et al.. , 1985; Van der Stelt et al.. , 1985; Benn, 1991). These techniques that are performed by the PCs might be of incredible incentive to the clinical specialists in settling on their choices since they add additional data to the appraisal of the experts (Van der Stelt and Geraets, 1991).

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Foundation of Taxation Law Tax residency needs

Question: Depict about the Foundation of Taxation Law for Tax residency needs. Answer: 1. In view of the given circumstance and the related realities, Freds charge residency should be resolved for the given duty year. In deciding the duty residency of Fred or some other individual citizen, subsection 6(1), ITAA 1936 accommodates the accompanying four tests and the citizen needs to satisfy atleast one of these tests so as to be named occupant of Australia for the motivations behind expense (Nethercott, Richardson Devos, 2016). House Test This is pertinent to decide the expense residency status of Australian inhabitants dependent on the hidden area of the changeless home. This test isn't appropriate if there should be an occurrence of Fred since he is an English inhabitant and subsequently non-Australian habitation holder (Barkoczy, 2014). Superannuation Test This is appropriate just for government representatives positioned abroad which isn't significant for the given case (Gilders et. al., 2015). 183 Day Test This is relevant for outside occupants, for example, Fred who need to remain in Australia because of different reasons. The conditions to be fulfilled for acquiring Australian assessment residency are as per the following (Deutsch et. al., 2016). Least remain of 183 days in Australia Fred has figured out how to agree to this Goal of settling in Australia Fred has no such expectation as his stay is connected to continuous expert responsibility and consequently no interest in Australia. Fred isn't an Australian inhabitant according to this test. Dwells Test - This is pertinent for remote occupants, for example, Fred who need to remain in Australia because of different reasons. The pertinent components which settle on the assessment residency status are featured underneath (Hodgson, Mortimer Butler, 2016). Basic essentialness of the explanation of visit In Freds case, reason is business which has gone on for 11 months and would be considered exceptionally noteworthy. Individual and expert ties in Australia Fred has joined spouse and has not caused a solitary visit to Australia along these lines to demonstrating solid ties. Social course of action in Australia Fred is driving a real existence that is a reasonable reproduction of comparing life in England. Along these lines, as per this test, Fred is an assessment inhabitant of Australia. 2. Case law 1 - Californian Copper Syndicate Ltd v Harris (Surveyor of Taxes) (1904) 5 TC 159 Applicable Facts Organization bought a land for copper mining from the accessible supports which the citizen knew were inadequate in any case. No mining was led because of inaccessibility of the working capital Land possession was given to the next organization in the arrival of the ensuing portions of the other organization Immense benefits came about to the old proprietors of the land from the offers Contentions of the citizens The activity of land deal added up to replacement of one capital resource with other speculation for example shares (Coleman, 2011). Judgment The court proclaimed that the expectation behind the buy was not to work the mining on the land as store inadequacy was clear.. The organization didn't actualize the mining and sold the land to the next organization with the aim of expanding the benefits. Offers created sizable continues to the organization. Along these lines, the activity of offer reflected business movement and the normal continues would be evaluated according to the segment 25(1) of ITAA, 1936 (CCH, 2014). Last end Gotten pay - Assessable Case law 2-Scottish Australian Mining Co Ltd v FC of T (1950) 81 CLR 188 Pertinent Facts Organization bought the land for coal mining Coal holds depleted from customary coal expulsion Financial specialists sold the land after region and imperative land improvement works Critical consumption brought about during the time spent land advancement Adequate benefit was acquired from the deal Contentions of the citizens The financial specialists of the organization contended that the land was adequately used for coal digging for quite a long while and step by step got depleted in the coal holds. In this manner, overabundance mining was not beneficial since the land would not be utilized for some other reason. Along these lines, different land improvement works were sorted out and sold for private reason (Jade, 2016). Judgment Based on the contentions of the financial specialists, the court contended that the organization was effectively associated with the coal mining and there was no tentative arrangement for liquidation of the land. Thus, the activity of land deal would be considered as acknowledgment of the capital resource and doesn't establish business activity (Jade, 2016). Last end Gotten benefit - Capital salary (Non Assessable) Case law 3 - FC of T v Whitfords Beach Pty Ltd (1982) 150 CLR Applicable Facts Land utilized for drying of angling shacks and other related business gear. The responsibility for land was moved to the land advancement organizations The new financial specialists did development of land into plots, fencing, planting, water gracefully units, etc to improve the business rate Adjustment in the Article of Association by the new proprietors to permit exchange utilization of sea shore side land. Offer of the plots brought immense returns for the organization. Contentions of the citizens They usage of the land was for drying the shacks and added up to acknowledgment of the business resource (Barkoczy, 2014). Judgment The court arrived at the choice that regardless of that the land was at first utilized for angling however the land was additionally gained for making high benefits by enjoying the land advancement business. The refreshed Article of Association for the organization alongside land improvements works embraced for empowering the deal are the proof for the equivalent. The advantages created from the deal were business gains and assessable for charge (CCH, 2016a). Last end Gotten gains - Ordinary pay (Assessable) Case law 4 - Statham Anor v FC of T 89 ATC 4070 Important Facts Perished land claimed by the citizens and utilized for cultivating. Steers business set up on the land to get the pay due to low the budgetary conditions The business fizzled and in this way constrained the citizens to sell some portion of the land through sub-plotting. Official pronounced that the idea of the got gains as standard pay Contentions of the citizens Citizens contended that they required store to continue themselves and deal with their bothered monetary conditions and thus, began the steers firm, which got fruitless. In this manner, the land deal activity was embraced (CCH, 2004). Judgment Court acknowledged the contentions of the citizen and pronounced that the citizens sold land so that delivered sum would be utilized to improve the decreasing money related states of the family. Both the citizens didn't energetically exchange the land with the business rationale. Thusly, the last judgment was in the kindness of the citizens and the got salary was not held assessable (CCH, 2016b). Last end Inferred salary - Capital pay Case law 5 - Casimaty v FC of T 97 ATC 5135 Important Facts 998 sections of land was gotten by the citizen from his dad The citizen had given advances at higher loan cost to take part in cultivating. The business flopped because of dry season The contribution continued expanding on the citizen prompting money related pain. Citizen needed to offer an enormous piece of the land to discount the gave sum The rest of the piece of the land was devoured for cultivating by the citizen The earned sum came about because of offer would be assessable under confined exchange as contended by the Income Tax Commissioner. Contentions of the citizens It was asserted by the citizen that he required store on quick premise and subsequently sold land without enjoying any commercial and with the goal of cultivating on leftover land (CCH, 2016 c). Judgment Court had expressed that the citizen had gained the land for cultivating. In any case, the monetary levy continued heaping on him, which authorized the citizen to sell such a huge area of the land. No hidden business action was coordinated by the citizen. There was no thought process to initiate any business and the focal expectation of cultivating was proceeded significantly after the offer of the land. Thus, there was no assessment liabilities on citizen since, he just understood the accessible capital resource (CCH, 2016 c). Last end Gotten pay - Capital salary (Non-Assessable) Case law 6-Moana Sand Pty Ltd v FC of T 88 ATC 4897 Pertinent Facts Organization separate sand from the possessed land for this reason as it were. Sand holds finished because of persistently mining from land and land turned ready. Organization partitioned the land, introduced esteem expansion works lastly sold it. Sizable continues were earned by the organization Contentions of the citizens Concerning utilization of the depleted land, they played out the land advancement s without it selling was not practical. Henceforth, just acknowledgment of capital resource (Coleman, 2011). Judgment The court arrived at the judgment that the organization actualized the sand extraction on the land and when the land changed over to ready, they began land advancement activities. The court announced that organization moved to the matter of land advancement and selling, regardless of the way that at first the center expectation was sand mining. The companys net benefit from offer of the land was simply assessable for tax assessment (Gilders et. al., 2015). Last end Gotten net benefit - Ordinary salary Case law 7 - Crow v FC of T 88 ATC 4620 Applicable Facts Citizen obtained reserve to purchase land. At the underlying stage, the land was utilized for horticulture Afters some time the land was exchanged by making various packages out of the land and this procedure proceeded for quite a long time where new land was likewise bought and cultivating was totally halted. The net benefit produced from the deal was $388,288 Contentions of the citizens The citizen contended based on the underlying demonstration of cultivating that at first, cultivating was directed and in the movement activity the land was sold because of monetary misery. Therefore, it should be viewed as acknowledgment of top

Frame the Case JohnsonJohnson and Dow Corning

Edge the Case JohnsonJohnson and Dow Corning The two organizations Johnson and Dow Corning were confined specific issues which helped the settle on a choice in their cases. Nonetheless, those casings likewise surmised the adequacy of the choice in cases viable. The decision of the apparatuses for tackling the issue and the vision of the issue are compelling perspectives which are to be thought of while making a decision.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Frame the Case: JohnsonJohnson and Dow Corning explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Looking at the cases viable, it ought to be expressed that the distinction in the result of the governmental issues held by Johnson and Dow Corning was brought about by the edges which were utilized as windows and devices. The primary thought of the Johnson Johnson’s Code of Ethics is to ensure that the clients are fulfilled and the items don't hurt their wellbeing. Furthermore, there are a great deal of different things which ensure that the casings hav e been effectively picked. Accordingly, applying to the human asset outlines, political casings and emblematic edges, Jonson figured out how to stay effective and saved its positive picture. The company’s measures depended on the jobs, approaches, needs and connections of the association towards its clients. Numerous other moral angles assumed their job. Simultaneously, the disappointment of the Dow Corning organization might be clarified by the reference just to the political casings. The organization was disturbed for the contentions which may show up and needed to forestall those by methods for shutting the production lines and declining from the assembling. In this way, it might be inferred that the selection of casings, both the windows and as devices, assumes an incredible job in thinking about the picture of the organization and its psychological guide. Abiding upon the distinctions in moral positions of the Johnson and Dow Corning, the Code of Ethics just as the objec tives of the organizations ought to be thought of. Johnson is the organization which takes care for its clients and for their wellbeing. Just the incredible consideration for the customers and the assurance of their fulfillment may make the effective business for the organization. Johnson manages various items and spreads numerous specialties at the world market. The issues and the shade of one specific item may cause the organization disappointment if fruitful showcasing of different items. Dow Corning is the organization which delivers just a single sort of the items and they accepted that the contentions they had were sufficient. The absence of enthusiasm for the organization picture might be clarified by the incredible assuredness of the organization heads in the powerlessness of the organization disappointment or the way that the issue can't be demonstrated. The inability to consolidate the organization picture and the motivations behind the assembling has lead to the way that others got keen on the disappointment. Searching for the issues, the data was found. In this manner, it might be inferred that the organization has lost the entire assembling simply because they would not like to lose some income.Advertising Looking for report on business financial matters? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The misfortune in the event of tolerating the disappointment and withdrawal of the disappointment item could be not exactly the conclusion of the entire assembling. The legislative issues and the edges picked by Johnson were aimed at the advantage of clients with the reference to the individual benefit, while Dow Corning was aimed at the individual benefit with making the interests of the clients the auxiliary concern.

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The Joys and Despairs of Playing Video Games free essay sample

Do you arrive at level 80 on World of Warcraft? Or on the other hand do you beat all of New Super Mario Brother’s universes in a single day? Have you gotten exhausted of the entirety of your computer games that you have to reset every one of them? In the event that you said yes to any of these inquiries, at that point you may be dependent on computer games. This may caution you on the off chance that it is valid, yet please remain quiet. I’ll be straightforward with you. I play computer games myself, however I don’t go over the edge with it. Computer games are fun, however on the grounds that you have them doesn’t mean you can disregard them. You despite everything need to work out. Playing computer games time after time can prompt some downright awful symptoms like increment of weight, harming in the thumbs and hand joints. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is regular in regular daily existence, for example on the off chance that you message 2000 words per day, play computer games for quite a while, or just more than once utilize your hands. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Joys and Despairs of Playing Video Games or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Don’t believe that all the things about computer games are awful. They help a great deal with dexterity, and they develop muscle in your grasp. But in the event that you do it to an extreme, at that point your fingers could start to hurt. You might be imagining that you don’t play computer games or you don’t have computer games. All things considered, in the event that you play prepackaged games, at that point you are in danger for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, since you are as yet moving your hands more than once. On the off chance that you do get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from playing an excessive number of computer games, you can get a support, get infusions, or simply quit doing what irritated it. â€Å"But there is a little possibility of that event, and I type on the PC the entire day and my fingers are as yet the same†, says Zachary Bruennig. All things considered, Zach, there is something else that becomes possibly the most important factor, and that is you r age and youth. It doesn’t influence you until you get in your later 20’s. You may have computer games and simply play one out of 61 that you have. In any case, in the event that you play that one game constantly, at that point you may in any case be in the I have no life and a dependence on Mario Bros class. Enslavement doesn’t need to occur with the games with a huge amount of brutality or fighting in them. Dependence can be in any game that you like, and that you are great at. This could be a game, activity game, music game or any game on the planet. There are a ton of subjects like Mario and Luigi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman, Rock Band, or Guitar Hero. So computer games are fun, yet abusing them has costs. The importance of this entire article was not to point video gamers off course, however just to advise youngsters and youthful grown-ups to enjoy a reprieve now and again to rest your hands and attempt to not play them for 5 hours in a row.

Learning How to Write a College Essay

Learning How to Write a College EssayWriting college essays is challenging. It is always a great challenge to write an essay because it has to be compelling and interesting. If the writer has a vision of what they want to convey to the reader then the essay can be well written.To be successful in writing college essays one must have an idea or a purpose for the essay. A purpose or idea would help a person think of a topic to write about. By having a specific topic for the essay, you can focus your essay and you can also avoid writing about topics that you do not have an interest in. If you can come up with a specific idea, a theme, a way to express yourself as an individual then it is easier to write.One other thing to keep in mind when writing a college essay is that the audience should be your target audience. Writing a college essay is not for everyone. Even if you are writing a college-level essay, you still need to know what audience you are writing for. The point of the essay i s to inform and educate, not to entertain your readers.Another thing to consider when writing a college essay is the use of specific vocabulary. You may be able to say all of the correct grammar, but if your vocabulary is not correct then you may have trouble communicating your ideas. There are ways to help with this. But you still need to ensure that your writing is both grammatically correct and sufficiently clear.The idea of writing a college essay is to communicate information. Your college essay should be a reflection of who you are and what you have learned throughout your college experience. There are no right or wrong ways to write an essay, you just need to make sure that your essay is accurate and informative.Writing a college essay is hard. However, there are many resources that can help you. You can use them to help you stay on track with the details that you need. You can also use them to help you stay focused on the topics that you are looking to discuss.In order to be successful in writing a college essay, you have to have the necessary skills and the knowledge to write a quality essay. You also need to have patience, and you need to have enough time to devote to the process. Although this is very time consuming it is worth it because the result will be worth the effort you put into the project.If you want to succeed in writing a college essay then you need to be dedicated to your project. When you have completed your college essay, it is going to be a reflection of who you are and what you have learned. Be honest and thorough in your analysis of the facts and the data that you have gathered. This is the best way to make sure that you are able to capture the information needed to help you in writing your college essay.

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Advice for the MCAT from an MCAT Expert [Episode 318]

document.createElement('audio'); Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify Advice for the MCAT from an MCAT expert [Show Summary] The MCAT is one really tough exam, and must be approached with careful and deliberate preparation. In this episode, Megan Galvin, National Director of the MCAT for Examkrackers for the last 12 years, takes you through everything from how much time you need to prep, to the way you should prep, and how you know when you are ready to take the MCAT. Megan Galvin of Examkrackers lays out her tips for crushing the MCAT [Show Notes] Our guest today is Megan Galvin, who since 2007 has served as the National Director of the MCAT for Examkrackers, one of the most respected MCAT prep companies around. There are few people who know more about the MCAT and prepping for it than Megan. I’m rather embarrassed to admit that it’s been around 5 years since Megan was last on Admissions Straight Talk, but I’m very happy she can join us today. Megan, we last spoke a little over 5 years ago way back at episode 47, which aired on March 27, 2014. How has MCAT prep evolved since the introduction of what was then something very new and scary: MCAT 15, which is now old hat. [2:29] Overall it is a much better test and students are earning much higher scores. I absolutely feel it is hitting a lot of areas students will do well in, so I am very excited about it. Students are scoring 35-45% higher than prior to 15, which allows me to work with them with much more ease. A range of 508-512 is what I am seeing now. Let’s turn to the MCAT itself and how Examkrackers recommends that students prepare for it. When should pre-meds plan to take the MCAT? [4:20] I like to talk to students around sophomore year so they can anticipate what is on the horizon. When all pre-reqs are completed that is an indicator they are ready and should start preparing. If there are students who don’t want to take a gap year then definitely they should take the test in their junior year. Every student is different, but what I do is offer an assessment of each person coming in, which gives me an opportunity to talk about their individual circumstances. I see students who are freshmen at conferences all the time, which is great, but earlier on with freshmen/sophomores, I advise them to do really well in their classes, get a strong GPA, take on leadership roles, in the summer do shadowing/scribe work and build their resume. After pre-reqs are complete, then focus on the MCAT. How much time should students allow for MCAT prep? [9:01] A normal student needs between 10-14 weeks that is exclusively for test prep, so 5-6 days a week and 3-4 hours a day. I don’t believe it should be all content for several weeks and then start doing practice exams – you should be doing the practice exams throughout. We do a diagnostic with students when they start because they need to know how the language of the test feels, and when they have a meltdown or a brain freeze. I have people do 2-4 chapters of reading a week in order to retain content. I also have them do 30 minute mini practice exams and then review to understand what they get wrong, and then do full length practice exams every other weekend. I also want students to do several different chapters each day – don’t focus on just one topic. OK. Let’s say I’ve taken a course and studied or prepared on my own. How do I know I’m ready? [13:06] Trusting your gut is really important. The full length practice exams don’t lie, so while I am working with a student I talk to them about what their strategy should be after taking some diagnostics. A lot of times students think they are going to miraculously do better, and that just doesn’t happen. There are also many students who come to me and say, â€Å"I’m taking it in May, and then will be taking it again in July,† so they want me to enable them to take the exam again. I tell them, â€Å"Take it one time. Do you want to carry the stress and anxiety into a second exam?† Aim for one time, and if you are not ready, do not do it yet. 3 Ways to Deal with a Low MCAT Score Is there any one section of the MCAT that tends to trip up more students than others? [16:14] CARS. Some students are afraid of it because it’s not in their native language, and even those whose native language is English can’t seem to grasp what is going on and how it is tested. It is very unique. You are given four answer choices and any one of them could be correct, it’s all a matter of perception. It is often the most vague answer that is correct. It is not a matter of regurgitating. You need to be in control of the exam; do not let the exam control you. What are the most common mistakes in MCAT prep that you see applicants making? [19:38] We are all caught up on social media and message boards, and while everyone’s goal is to get the highest score, everyone’s learning style is so different. I cannot encourage students enough to take the time to research what you are trusting your future to. How are the books laid out? What is the course format like? So many students often don’t know what they invested in, and I talk to at least 10 students a day who have made the wrong choice. What I tell them is, â€Å"Let’s take a few breaths and before you go into more MCAT prep think about what works for you. Really investigate the choices to find the best fit for your way of learning.† Some are looking for the most affordable way or are very disciplined, so the self-study program is the right choice, but others need the accountability. If so, you need to be in a formal course. Tutoring is tough – it is very effective IF the student knows what the problems are. What are your top 3 MCAT prep tips? [25:44] #1 Take it seriously. Really know who you are and the expectations. #2 It is a process. The saying, â€Å"It is a marathon and not a sprint† is so true in this case. You need to train to get the results you want. There is not a quick fix. #3 Students need to be accountable (â€Å"I fell short and didn’t do this†), and need to be very genuine. If you are not putting in the work, you are not going to get the results. You get what you give. What about tips for the day before and the day of the MCAT exam? [28:10] We encourage â€Å"Zen Week† to deal with the mental side of things. We feel you are physically prepared – it’s been a rigorous 10 weeks but what about mentally. We ask them to focus on positive thoughts, so if your goal is a 516, write that on sticky notes or in lipstick on your mirror visualize it. A week or two weeks before taking the exam, there should be no more googling, no message boards, no last minute questions of the day, as that is one of the biggest mistakes students make, second guessing themselves. Sleep well. Eat well. Don’t start any new exercise routine, do anything off the wall, or binge drink. Keep a routine, reflect on what you’ve done for the last 10 weeks, and recognize you are taking it because it is earned. Focus on the positives mind over matter. There are lots of test prep companies out there. How does Examkrackers differ? [31:02] The fact that we are absolutely in the top tier even with the small size of our company is impressive. We deliver a quality product, and we are in touch. There is a lot of personal attention students get, and we know our students very well. We have smaller classes which allows for students to really connect with their instructor. We are also very in touch with what AAMC is testing, and are doing rewrites when necessary. What’s your most popular offering? [32:54] Right now it is the live interactive class. We are not scripted and we are all very different with how we teach. No one will ever teach the same lesson the same way, and we have a lot of different personalities. In the online classes we have a senior instructor and also a senior instructor who is a moderator as the class is going on. When warranted the moderator will interrupt. If several students have questions on the same topic, it is important to take a step back and review some more. The classes are done in two hour increments, and every night is something different. We are constantly reviewing and doing lectures in a short amount of time. Is there an online forum for students going through the coursework that have questions? [35:09] On Sunday night students are invited to office hours, which is a virtual classroom and they can ask any questions they have from that week. Every Friday students get sent on demand recordings of all the classes to have in their arsenal. What do you see in your crystal ball for your MCAT prep and Examkrackers? [36:34] We are constantly working to identify with who our students are. Our social media has really bumped up, which I am really pleased with. Outreach and informative sessions are very heavy. We do a webinar every other week. We also do on the first Sunday of every month an admissions chat, so we are trying to keep our hand on what is moving, keeping them vested and interested. I have a feeling it will ultimately move to everything being online and incorporating self-study. This gives a nice flexibility. What would you have liked me to ask that I didn’t ask? [38:15] I think MCAT prep is doable from any background, so if you want to do it, go for it! 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